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What benefits do IARO members get?

Who can join IARO?

Membership is open to companies, organisations and academic institutions with an interest in air-rail activities. Members are welcome from all countries of the world, and from all sectors - railways, airports, airlines, manufacturers, suppliers, consultants, advisers, researchers and representatives.

Once you join IARO, the whole of your company is a member, and the benefits apply to all of your employees, even if you are a multi-national company with branches around the world.


What does IARO membership cost?

Recognising that budgets are tight, a new Annual Membership Fee has been introduced.

Companies may join the IARO from October 2022 – Membership will remain free-of-charge until the end of this year. Members will obtain the full benefits of Membership until that time.

From 1 January 2023, the annual Membership Fee will be as follows:


Company/Organisation Membership:

£495.00 (or Euro/US$ Equivalent)


Individual or Small Company* Membership:

£195.00 (or Euro/US$ Equivalent)

*Small company means four people or less


How do I join?

Click on Join Now and complete the on-line form, or contact us at:

Fax: +44 (0)870 762 0434.

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