Airport Railways of the World

Our comprehensive map represents each country with existing or planned airport rail connections. It is your passport to a world of seamless travel experiences.

Accessible Information for Everyone You can access detailed information about operational passenger links across the globe.

Exclusive Insights for IARO Members As an IARO member, you'll gain exclusive access to essential information about cargo links and passenger links that are planned, under construction, or under study.

Navigating the Map Clicking on a country will reveal the number of existing and planned airport rail connections. You'll find a clickable link to delve deeper into each country's links. Please note, non-members can only view information about operational passenger links.

Classifying Airport Rail Connections We've classified the connections by type and airport. The types include high-speed dedicated, regional, suburban/metro, light rail or LRT, and high-speed national, supplemented by '+ bus' or '+ APM' if the final connection between the train and terminal is by bus or automated people mover. We've also provided the 3-letter IATA code for each airport.

Selecting a type will guide you to a page with detailed information about the airport, the train operator, the link type, and practical information such as frequencies, journey times, fares, and a link for more information.

For airports with multiple links, we encourage you to explore all of them to find the one that best suits your needs.

Defining a Rail Link A rail link to an airport exists if there's a station within easy reach of an airport terminal or a reasonably dedicated bus or people-mover connection between the station and the terminal.

What IARO Members See IARO members will see a comprehensive listing that includes both existing and planned passenger and cargo links. Selecting a planned or cargo link will yield a concise summary of the currently available information. Selecting an operational link will first provide public information, followed by member-exclusive details.

For additional information, please feel free to reach out to IARO.

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