IARO: Ready for Re-Launch in 2023

We're thrilled to announce the innovative re-launch of the International Air Rail Organisation (IARO) which is celebrating its 25th anniversary this year. IARO has been a dynamic hub for the Air/Rail community, providing a unique exchange of experiences, ideas, and insights among our members.

We offer our members a wealth of resources, including access to comprehensive databases, insightful research reports, engaging newsletters, and invigorating workshops and seminars. Our archives and the opportunity for direct contact with fellow members further enhance our vibrant community.

In response to the evolving challenges within our industry, we're excited to present "IARO 2.0" – a revitalised approach to our organisation. Our primary focus is to offer our members a range of valuable benefits.

Becoming a Member

While IARO 2.0 membership starts from 1st July 2023, we welcome you to join our community right away.

To provide you with the best value, we're offering an extended first year membership. That means your annual membership will run from your joining date through the end of 2024.

JOIN THE IARO today and embark on a journey of growth and innovation in the Air/Rail sector.

To learn more about our membership benefits and details, click here: MEMBERSHIP – or email Patrick Hicks (patrick.hicks@iaro.com)

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Airport Railways

This map shows each country which has actual or planned airport rail connections. Information about the passenger links in operation today is available to everyone. IARO members can also see basic information about cargo links and passenger links which are planned, being built or under study.

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IARO organises workshops and other events for members and also supports and sponsors associated industry events where members can obtain a discount.

Click here to access presentations from past events.

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IARO . . .  giving members a unique insight into everything air/rail.

The IARO is a world-wide organisation dedicated to spreading world-class best practice and good workable ideas among people interested in rail links to airports and air-rail intermodality. Its world-wide membership includes organisations planning, developing, building and operating rail air links - and also people (like airlines) who have a business interest in partnerships for their success.

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