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The IARO has published an Information Document entitled "All About Airport Railways", giving details and general information about air-rail links. To view the Document, click HERE

Further FAQs are shown below:

Q     What is an air-rail link?

A       Any type of rail service which serves an airport, including direct services to an airport, light rail, metros, long distance and high speed, plus rail services connected by a transit or bus service to an airport


Q     How many air-rail links are there?

A       Currently, there are around 200 in operation, but there are another 400 at various stages of planning, design or construction.  These are all listed in the Airport Railways Of The World page of this website


Q     Which are the best known air-rail links?

A       Some well known examples of different types are:

  • Hong Kong's Airport Express Line and London's Heathrow Express
  • Munich's S Bahn and Paris CDG's RER
  • London City's DLR and Vancouver's Canada Line light rail
  • Frankfurt's ICE high speed trains
  • New York JFK's AirTrain


Q     What makes an air-rail link successful?

A       Critical success factors include understanding the market, pitching the service right and delivering what the passenger wants.  By joining IARO you can access a comprehensive information database and find out what is best practice in planning, designing and operating world class air-rail links.


Q     Why should organisations invest in air-rail links?

A       Different stakeholders benefit as follows:

  • Railway operators earn additional revenue from new passengers
  • Airports provide choice and attract additional passengers
  • Airlines provide a valuable add on service
  • Highways agencies ease road traffic congestion
  • Governments achieve environmental improvements
  • Local government agencies enhance the local economy


Q     Who can join IARO?

A       Companies, organisations, academic institutions and others involved in planning, designing, financing, supplying, advising or studying air rail links


Q     What does IARO do?

A       IARO organises workshops, conferences and other interactive events and activities where members can learn from other members who are directly involved in planning, designing and operating air-rail links, publishes newsletters and expert reports and arranges one-to-one contacts between members